about us

The Oldfield Kitchen is a small company that caters to the appetites of Cape Town and surrounds. We are two professional chefs who cater for intimate meals in the comfort of your own home, and for small events, corporate or otherwise. We are able to design a menu to suit the needs of the client while providing sound advice. For formal events, The Oldfield Kitchen can provide optional extras on request, such as table linen, cutlery, and support staff.


After spending three years catering to appetites in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, we ...

Birthday Lunch in Greenpoint


The Significance of the Crab

Many of our holidays have been spent on the Bushman’s River in Kenton-on-Sea, and anybody familiar with the area will tell you about the enormous mud crabs that can be caught from the river. We have fond memories of eating the crab with a little mayonnaise, Tobasco and rustic homemade bread. Sometimes, it’s about the simpler things in life.